Getting Started

This page will aim to answer any initial questions you have to begin your training!

Here are some commonly asked questions when beginning training

Q: Do I need to have any previous martial arts experience?

A: Absolutely not. It doesn't matter if you have black belts in other arts or if you've never trained at all before, learning in the Bujinkan can be done with anyone with the patience and determination to learn.


Q: How much are classes? How long does the class last?

A: Classes are approximately two hours long and a flat rate of $10 per class. We do not have monthly rates because we know that life happens. Work will come up randomly, family and friends from out of town will come in, you will be out for vacations, etc. We don't want you to pay a monthly rate and not be able to make it to class for any reason and still be charged. We believe that if you can't make it to class, you shouldn't pay for the class.


Q: Do I need to buy any equipment?

A: Most of the students and teachers carry extras of the more common pieces of equipment, such as swords, and will loan their extras, if available, to others to train for the day; so to begin training it is not required that you show up to your first class with a full set of training equipment. However since all weapons are unique in their weight and balance, it is advised that whenever you are financially able to get your own training weapons you should do you can get used to your own weapons and their balance and feel.

Q: What if I have an injury? What if I am out of shape?

A: In the Bujinkan, we train in a manner that limits the risk of injury to all instructors and students by training slow. The way that we train also promotes the growth of strength and flexibility and many have found our art to be a form of physical therapy to regain range of motion, flexibility, and strength in previously injured joints, muscles, or ligaments even if you have had replacements such as shoulder, knee, or hip. When training is done right you can recover from injuries quicker by training. If you do have an injury or replacement, please let the instructors know and we will do everything we can to teach you the correct way of moving to eliminate any risk of further injury.You also do not have to be an athlete in any way. We will not be asking you to be doing push-up or run laps in class. As long as you try your best, you will get a rewarding practice.



Q: How do I begin training?


A: Send us an email using the form on the home page, or at info@ashevillebujinkan.com. We can't wait to hear from you!