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Information and guidelines for a safe practice during COVID-19

Guidelines for Safe and Healthy Practice

          We have been in contact with a Kendo club in the Netherlands with a Virologist as a student working with another Kendoka Virologist in Germany. Together they have created a guideline for practicing martial arts while in an indoor training hall that is over 97% effecting in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. We have posted this guideline on our links page for you to view yourself along with all references for the information. English version of the guideline is down in the second half of the page.

          Asheville Bujinkan has taken this guideline and have adopted it into our procedures for training which will be covered below.

Before Training

          Before coming to train with us, please see the following list to see if it would be appropriate for you to join us for class and instead stay home if:

• You are part of a High-Risk group, age 65 or older or someone with prior health issues such as cardiac or pulmonary conditions, it is highly advised that you do not participate in any group activity at this point 

• You feel sick or have been sick, even if you think is was some other illness, do not come to class! Please stay home for a 2-week self-quarantine before asking to return to class

• You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, do not come to class! Please stay home for a 2-week self-quarantine before asking to return to class

          COVID-19 does not manifest itself in severe symptoms. Many infected people exhibit very mild symptoms, sometimes even perceived as no symptoms at all. But make no mistake, a COVID-19 infection varies highly dependent on your age, health and many more parameters. Please watch out for the following symptoms even if very mild or even if only for a day or two:

• Elevated temperature
• Dry cough
• Loss of smell

          If you experience any symptoms, do not come to class! Isolate yourself and contact your healthcare professional!

          Please communicate with us if you feel off in any way. If in doubt, please stay home and do not wish the infection of others.

Training Procedures


          We will be providing several supplies for our students to ensure a safe and healthy training environment. Asheville Bujinkan will be supplying the following supplies to its students:

               • Disposable Masks

               • Hand Sanitizer

               • Disposable Gloves
               • Contact Free Forehead Thermometer
               • Sanitizing Wipes

          If students have their own personal health supplies, they are encouraged to bring their own as to further reduce the risk of infection.

Class Procedures

          Starting and ending class will now have several new procedures that will include sanitizing steps on ourselves and on equipment before class will start and before students leave. Students are encouraged to practice safe practices and use cleaning products as often as they deem safe throughout training. Class procedures will now follow these steps:

Cloth masks are not required for training. Training is held outside and social distancing is held as much as possible, and all students are encouraged to wear a mask but are no longer hard required. If students do not have their own personal masks, we will provide disposable masks which they are free to use and switch out as often as the student feels safe.
Before class starts, everyone is encouraged to use hand sanitizer if they feel the need to do so. Students are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer as often as they like and feel safe, even if wearing gloves.

It is not required, but students are encouraged to wear disposable gloves while training to further help prevent the spread of germs. 

Class will be in a more spread out area as much as possible to encourage social distance. If at all possible we will be practicing techniques in solo practice to increase distance to classmates as much as possible.

After the end of class all equipment used during class will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes once again to make sure no germs are left on equipment to be spread at a later date.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or ideas to further help us create the safest and healthiest environment possible for everyone, please do not hesitate to contact us through email or in class directly!