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What to Expect

When you start training

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First time in a dojo?

Heres what you can expect

Afraid of looking foolish?

So — let’s just get this out of the way: you may look dumb and uncoordinated the first time. Everyone does. No one is going to laugh at you. We’re all here to learn together and help each other get better.

It can be a scary thing, walking into your first dojo training. You don’t know what the instructor expects of you, what the other students expect, what you yourself should expect. Guess what… every person in that dojo has had to walk in for the first time, with the same anxieties that you have. And the truth?  No one really has any expectations of you, save one: listen to the instructor, and try to follow along. Afraid you’ll look dumb? We’ve all looked dumb. Some of us still do, and we’ve been training for years! The bottom line is, when you are learning something new, you’re probably going to look and feel awkward. No one expects any different.

Concerned you may not be big or strong enough?
Martial arts is for everyone, big or small. Despite what you may think, not everyone who takes martial arts is a blood-thirsty behemoth. In fact, there is typically a huge diversity of students. Whether you’re six feet tall or you’re shorter then the average fifth grader, self-defense is accessible to anyone.

Will you be hurt getting training?
While the classes are very safe and we take the utmost care not to hurt one another, accidents do happen sometimes. I’m not saying you’ll leave the dojo looking like a month-old banana, but this is a contact sport, so don’t be surprised if you accidentally get a bump or two. Don't let this discourage you, we've all been there. When you begin training martial arts, your body starts activating the muscle groups it hasn’t had to in the past. That said, it takes some time to get your body going and getting it used to specific workout routines. Instead of being afraid of pain or exhaustion, focus on feeling your body waking up and becoming alive once again. Trust us, this feeling will give you the needed motivation to train even more!

Is buying equipment necessary?
Just like in most sports, the right equipment is essential for protecting yourself and others. Martial arts is no different, but the amount of equipment needed differs depending on the class. Typically at our dojo, you only need to bring yourself and the cloths you normally wear that you don't mind getting sweart and dirty. For formal classes a gi and belt is needed, anything beyond that is up to you. We would recomend a few basic wooden training weapons for you to have to have during classes or to practice on your own outside of class at home, but we will usually have spares that you can borrow until you decide to get your own, so don't hesitate to ask!

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